Walk For Friends in Loving memory of Audrey Strumeier

On Sunday, May 3rd, we will be Walking For Friends with Audrey’s Angels to help raise awareness and funding for SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN AND THEIR FAMILIES; a cause very dear to my niece Audrey. It is being presented in loving memory of Audrey..Please join us, or if you prefer to donate, please follow the website link below..Thank you!


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Thank you for coming to the website and thanks for all the good wishes and congratulations. I would like to again mention that this CD is being presented in honor and memory of my niece Audrey Strumeier, who lost her battle to Melanoma Cancer in 2009. All proceeds from the sale of the CD’s or downloads will benefit Melanoma Research. Also, if you would like to help raise awareness of skin cancer or perhaps help with the funding for Melanoma Research, please visit Audrey’s Giving Page at the following link:



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‘Forever Blue Sun’ Out Now!


‘FOREVER BLUE SUN’ is released today 10/10/14, 10 years to the day from my 1st CD Release of ‘Never Too Late’, at Havana’s, New Hope, PA., and is fashioned as a tribute to my niece Audrey Strumeier. Her life, while shortened due to Melanoma skin cancer, was devoted to the happiness of others and continues to inspire me today.

The album was crystallized to 5 songs from an original 12. Through the universal language of music, this personal journey is clearly focused upon the beauty of Audrey’s life; but also upon the feelings of loss we go through when we lose someone we dearly loved.

I believe we never lose those emotions or the spirit and soul of loved ones who have passed on. I believe they will always be with us, guiding us, helping us who remain find our way. We need only let those ‘feelings’ in to see what beauty ultimately comes out.

I hope you will enjoy listening to these songs.

Click here to get ‘Forever Blue Sun’ from CD Baby!
Click here to get ‘Forever Blue Sun’ on iTunes!
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“FOREVER BLUE SUN” EP Set For Release!

Originally planned to be a 12 song CD project, “Ablaze In Blue Sun”, has been been reworked to be two EP projects. “This will provide greater clarity and focus for the tribute CD to Audrey”..
This 5 song EP, “FOREVER BLUE SUN” is set to be released this fall. The proceeds from the sale of the EP will benefit melanoma research as originally planned. “I believe these 5 songs will stand well on there own and will also allow the project to be published and distributed sooner”. A. Marks.

“I am proud and happy to soon launch this EP with the help of many team players. I also look forward to starting the next EP project later this year. Stay tuned for the official release and pre-release opportunities to help raise awareness for skin cancer.”
A. Marks

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Allen Marks forms new band named CHANGE AGENTS!

This Wednesday at PUCK LIVE in Doylestown, PA, a new band has crashed the local community. Brad Peters, guitar and vocals has joined with me to form the band CHANGE AGENTS. The focus will be to play covers as well as original Allen Marks material in the local community. This past Wednesday, PUCK LIVE, Doylestown had an open mic. Change Agents had their debut opportunity to play three songs for the crowd. Many local musicians were there playing and offering a night of fun and good music..Thank you Puck Live for the venue and thanks to Dave Nonini for hosting the weekly event.

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Walk4Friends Event well attended!

2014-05-18 12.11.34 Walk4Friends was well attended and with your help generated well over 125k for special children.  Audrey’s Angel’s were there walking and raising money for the cause. This pic is of Sami Strumeier holding the sign that says; Forever with Us Audrey’s Angel’s. Thank you to all who participated and donated!

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This Sunday, May 18th, we will be participating in WALK4FRIENDS, in Loving Memory of Audrey Strumeier OMB. We will be joining in with the Friendship Circle of Central NJ, and on behalf of Audrey’s Angel’s,  be walking to raise money for special children.  I am honored to walk on behalf of  of such a great cause. Note all the sponsors of the event. If you can come out and support, or want to contribute, check out the following websites: WALK4FRIENDS.COM and FRIENDSNJ.COM…Thank You!

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On March 11, Kjell Benner, renowned bassist for Quiet Riot, came to the studio to lay down some bass tracks on the 12 songs. It was a very intimate session with David and I working closely with Kjell in the control room. The project is moving rapidly toward completion now. Next area to address will be to review all 12 recordings and begin to re-record all vocals. Backup vocals will also be addressed. Additional musicians are still being considered.

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Working with Grammy nominated engineer David Ivory, we are slowly building each song to completion. This is a long and tedious process; making sure that all the right musical instruments and the best performance is obtained from the fabulous list of artists planned for the project. So far, Pablo Batista renowned international percussionist and Fionan de Barra, Dublin-born guitarist and  co-founder of the celtic group RUNA have laid down some tracks on the proposed 12 songs for the CD.

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