‘Forever Blue Sun’ Out Now!


‘FOREVER BLUE SUN’ is released today 10/10/14, 10 years to the day from my 1st CD Release of ‘Never Too Late’, at Havana’s, New Hope, PA., and is fashioned as a tribute to my niece Audrey Strumeier. Her life, while shortened due to Melanoma skin cancer, was devoted to the happiness of others and continues to inspire me today.

The album was crystallized to 5 songs from an original 12. Through the universal language of music, this personal journey is clearly focused upon the beauty of Audrey’s life; but also upon the feelings of loss we go through when we lose someone we dearly loved.

I believe we never lose those emotions or the spirit and soul of loved ones who have passed on. I believe they will always be with us, guiding us, helping us who remain find our way. We need only let those ‘feelings’ in to see what beauty ultimately comes out.

I hope you will enjoy listening to these songs.

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