Always drawn to strong and haunting melodic harmonies in musical tastes and composition, ‘NEVER TOO LATE’ began to evolve and crystallize after only a few months into the project. This debut CD project started at MorningStar Studios in Springhouse, PA, after Allen Marks’ wife Diane surprised him for his birthday with prepaid studio time to lay down some tracks. Now with an outlet and guided by talented music professionals, Allen was inspired to create an entire CD. In fact, the title track song…’Never Too Late’…was the second to the last song created. So the final title of the CD didn’t make sense till nearly the end. Coupling songs in his heart from decades past, as well as new songs expressing his current state of affairs, led to round out this incredible debut project.

Allen expresses his own hopes, fears, desires, and insecurities in his music, which has a broad range of style within the adult contemporary and rock genres. As with all human existence, there are events that make sense and those that don’t. Songs like ‘All My Dreams’ denote the inspiration or fertile ground provided by his wife Diane, and lyrical editor. ‘Queen To Kings Four’ certainly and poignantly express his disdain for war, violence, and hatred, and even suggests some other options to solve world strife. ‘Don’t Breathe’ tells a story of what happens if these negative emotions are not checked and balanced with real love and true divine pursuits.

Yet through a diversity of themes, Allen infuses his own life experiences and frustrations. In songs such as ‘Absolutely You’ and ‘Transition Bridge’, frustrations that all of us experience or will experience are addressed in unique fashion. ‘Pursuit of Perfection’ addresses just how futile it is to pursue perfection exclusively in the physical world. ‘Hymn of God’, without a doubt, prayerfully refocuses our worldly efforts to within true reason and expectation.

There is a powerfully humorous side to Allen Marks. ‘Dues To Pay’ pokes fun at just how challenging being a late comer to the music scene can be, and how starting over, even a lifelong passion, can be little more that one step back and ‘Two Steps Forward’. In the end though, love rules the day. A song chronicling a past and unsuccessful marriage called ‘Savoir-Faire’ and the ever inspiring ‘Get Right with God’ which seeks to refocus people throughout the world that hatred couldn’t possibly be an answer.

It is this expression of the good with the bad, the irony of hatred and love, hope and fear, frustration and satisfaction that ‘NEVER TOO LATE’ exemplifies. Whether coming down from above, or out from within, ’NEVER TOO LATE’ attempts to leave you inspired to take any and every challenge life brings and turn the negatives around to a challenging pursuit of perfection. Yet inspite of its apparent depth, ‘NEVER TOO LATE’ is simply just great music!

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